Lacquered Doors – London

The elegance of lacquer, the quality of the finishes, the brightness of the colour white and the contemporary look of our designs are without a doubt the functional and decorative touch that the most modern spaces need.
This is currently the most popular choice in interior doors, and in B’DOORS we offer it in multiple models with a variety of finishes with Comfort or Premium Lacquer.
From plain doors to ones with grooves and matching accessories, combining elegance, sobriety, style, modernity, and luminosity.
Our range of lacquered doors stands out for all of them.



Special Features

We use magnetic locks and invisible hingues, among other special features


  • Pinewood interior door frame
  • Interior polystyrene foam (EPS)
  • MDF 7mm thick skins

Available in

Entrance doors

Interior doors

Wardrobe Door





In stock

Other doors are available upon request. Check our catalog to see the whole range. Contact Us.

Spanish interior doors, made with quality materials that deliver the style that your space deserves.